Your goal: Happy kids with happy parents

Most of our customers run facilities that target children. Children are often accompanied by a (paying) parent, a relative or some other grown up. How the company is taken care of can determine a future return visit. Maybe a real-life story can offer you some valuable inspiration?

A while ago, I was visiting a trampoline park with my children. In the entrance hall we were met by piles of shoes, loud children and we were confused in what direction we were meant to go. Some research gave the information that we’re supposed to pay and change to non-slip socks on the floor above.

I ask the staff where I can reside while waiting. They point me to a small and bare room with soft cubes for sitting. I pick out my computer to get some work done. Rats! – a wifi password is needed. I go to queue and after some minutes I’ve reached the counter and finally receive a password.

Bent over as a U, a certain stiffness in my backs starts to arise. Cold winds of air from an exhaust vault don’t improve my experience and I begin to long for a hot cup of coffee.

This cup of coffee makes no one smile


Back in line on hunt for a cup of coffee. What’s being offered is some oily coffee and to accompany it are the whole offerings from swedish low budget delicacies from Delicato. I end up with a plain cup of coffee.

Back at my spot on the soft cube there is nowhere to put my cup. Only the floor is available so it’s where the cup ends up, easily knocked over by someone passing by. Behind me there is a larger elevation with soft cubes which parents who arrive later will sit at and my computer screen offers them full insight in my work.

Suddenly my computer is giving me warnings of low battery. Looking nervously around the room I detect only one wall socket available and in front of it – parents occupying it. The computer goes into power save mode and I throw a glance at my watch.

In my pocket the receipt rustles. 37,80€ + my coffee 3,48€ = 41,28€. Will I bring my children again? Probably not.

What is another scenario?

What creates a happy parent or company? A stuffed entrance scares anyone off when the goal is to create a flow into your place. Big arrows are a great way to offer direction and shoe racks, hooks and coat hangers will please anyone.

Parents or other companies will probably have two wishes they wish to fulfill:

“Finally some quiet time with a good cup of coffee and a great book or just an undisturbed moment with the cell phone.”

Turn these moments to quality time by creating small areas with tables, dimmed lightning, some comfy chairs and spread monthly magazines on the little tables. Let USB and wall sockets be available at each space.

Smart lamp with built-in chargers


“Now I finally get the chance to catch up with some work.”

Compact desks create a perfect working space and for even greater service – add lamps from IKEA that includes Qi charger and USB. Make the Wi-Fi passwords visible – there’s no need to queue for it.

In our booking system you can add such a working place as a bookable add-on. It is very smart for those who must get some work done. “One hour of jumping + a working spot for dad.”

No one can resist a great cup of coffee with a delicious cake to go along with it. In one corner there is a solid Nespresso Professional and the facility has a co-operation with the city’s best confectionery so here a so called killevipp* is just the right way to enjoy yourself.

An easy way to offer a good cup of coffee – Nespresso


“I will certainly bring my children to this place again. Guaranteed!”

A killevipp – a swedish cake of meringue, cream and chocolate crème.

The purpose with the text above is to inspire you. You don’t have the space? Is the Nespresso machine too much of a cost? Think about what you can do to improve the experience for the working dad, the relative or other accompanying person. I bet there’s a load of improvements that can be done to make you shine through the crowd. ‘Cause the most important is that the one with the big wallet is super happy when he leaves your facility and wishes to come back, soon!