More than just a booking system.

We develop business systems for entertainment centers.

Business system for entertainment centers

With our modules you get more than just bookings, you get extensive support in your daily business, a complete business system.

Custom built for your business

Our system is developed together with some of the Nordic region’s largest activity centers, according to their wishes and needs. The booking system eventually became a business system. An operating system that makes the customers more satisfied as well as the company more profitable.

Entertainment center with several activities

Do you run an activity center with several different activities such as playgrounds, bowling and trampolines? Then you can create bookable packages that contain different combinations of your activities.

– Children’s amusement parks
– Laser games
– Trampoline park
– Kids parties
– Events
– Mission Rooms
– Go-cart
– Paintball
– E-sports
– Social Gaming
– Bowling
– Boule


Customers and employees can easily book with our online booking system directly on your website.

Your activities can be packaged in groups (for example “Kids party with laser games and pizza”) and then presented and booked. For the best customer experience, the booking system is seamlessly integrated on the website.

– Stylish SEO-optimized website with hosting, backup and operation
– Optimizes your sales

Sell more

You can add and present food for your acitivites, sweets, merchandise, accessories or optional / obligatory items. Your customers can easily order and pay in connection with the booking.

– Online booking with great opportunities for upselling
– Flexible payment online


Over time, our system builds up a register with everyone who has visited your facility. You can promote yourself to these customers with special offers, promotions, news and tips.

– Easy to create campaigns
– Customer information and bookings are collected and available for analysis, follow-up and sales
– Complies with GDPR

For owners and managers

One or more facilities? In our system you can see bookings, sales statistics, leaderboards, trends and forecasts. With our mobile dashboard you can be wherever you want and still have full control of your facilities.

– Owners and management can work remotely
– Simple reports for staffing, planning and purchasing

Maximize the customer experience

When your customers book and pay online, complete their booking on their own with just a glance at the information screen, your staff will have more time for other tasks. Time they can spend on the customer experience instead of administration.

– Self-service on arrival
– Information boards that help to relieve the staff
– Booking confirmation with information before the visit


Our goal is to ensure that you get the most out of your facility with clear information, smart planning and smooth administration.


We take care of your website, handle operation, backup and support. Everything is cloud-based with reliable technology. The booking is seamlessly integrated directly into your website. No customer is shuffled to other pages for booking.

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Key Features


Procommerca’s operating system is seamlessly integrated with the world’s most widely used WordPress publishing system, which offers many advantages such as:

– Ready-made design themes to start from
– Mobile-friendly
– SEO keyword optimized
– Blog and news feed
– Easily manage content
– Google analytics. Analyzing visitor behavior (optional)
– Custom design (optional)
– 1000’s plugins (optional)
– Hosting
– Backup

Booking system

The booking system is easy to use for both customers and staff while providing great opportunities for flexibility and future needs.

– Optimization of occupancy capacity
– Customers can easily change their booking online
– Book larger groups and parties
– Food, accessories and several activities in the same booking
– Upsell and additional sales
– Sms and email confirmation and reminder
– Campaign Codes
– Gift cards
– Pay with invoice / installment / card
– Simple staff view for check-in by guests
– Self-service check-in
– Entrance


The operating system gives owners and site managers a simple overview of bookings and sales. The purpose is to follow up, plan and optimize operations.

– Dashboard with overview view
– Periodic overviews and lists
– Booking and sales reports
– Daily reports
– Toplists activities and optionals
– Dashboard for mobile phone (optional)
– Google Analytics (optional)


Marketing is the key to increased growth. With Procommerca’s operating system you can be confident that you have the tools required to succeed with your digital marketing.

– SEO keyword optimized
– Blog and news feed
– Easily write address registers
– Thank-you-for-visiting-mails
– Connected to Mailchimp
– Mail automation (send out reminders, time to book a party etc)
– Mail promotions and newsletters
– Customer surveys

Some of our customers


Europe’s largest entertainment center are using Procommerca’s booking system.  With over 20,000 square meters filled with entertainment and activities, a well-functioning booking system is needed to makes it easier for both the customer and the employees to manage their bookings and purchase services.


Megafun Factory in Oslo, with its 5.000 square meters, has activities such as childrens amsumentparks, laser dome, laser maze, wind tunnels, 6D cinema and several party and conference rooms. Megafun Factory opened in January 2016. ProCommerca has developed and delivered the web-based system that handles bookings and payments for all MegaFun Factory’s activities.


ProCommerca’s web-based booking system helps Norwegian Megazone Ulsrud optimize its operations every day of the week. The system was launched in April and is already appreciated by employees and customers.

Hop N Pop

Now Hop N Pop’s customers can quickly and easily book fun activities at any time of the day. In addition, the booking system opens up new opportunities for more a in connection with the booking. The actual implementation of the system went fast and everything was in place just before the inauguration of the newly started park.





An operating system that makes the customer more satisfied and the company more profitable.

About us

Since 1998, we have acquired extensive expertise in areas such as e-commerce, CRM, omnichannel and digital market communication. In 2014 we used our competence and experience for a project where we developed a reservation system for some of the largest activity centers in the Nordic region.

The result was so good and with such a great demand that we decided to focus solely on creating the best business system available on the market for activity centers.

In full progress

– An even easier way for your customers to book and pay
– Solutions for staffing and personnel

As you can see, there is a lot going on and we hope you will join us on our journey.

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